Steve Andrews


Tallahassee, FL

You could call this “A Lawyer Paints” or more accurately “The Painter is also a Lawyer”. The marketing gurus would say keep these things separated. Your legal client doesn’t want to know about your artistic ability, and the collector wants to deal with a true professional who is struggling with his life and art. Well, this is me. If art paid like law, I would certainly give up the legal part (except those clients that are pleasure to help). But for now I will have to do both.

So I have decided to embrace my circumstances. I am an artist who can afford to do whatever he wants to do artistically. I can paint the way I want to paint and the things I want to paint. If you want an artist who is willing to change a painting so that it matches your living room couch, then you probably have the wrong guy. I paint what I want to paint because it inspires me and I want to try to communicate that inspiration. I do enough of it that I like the idea of it hanging on your wall and you enjoying it, rather than it gathering dust in my closet. So there you have it. My name is Steve, and I am a lawyer.